Unidor Piezo Control

1. the sensors

Piezo sensors are ideally suited for the use of tools in punching and forming:
This sensor is characterized by a minimal price and minimal installation dimensions, as is its simple assembly and robust handling. There is a choice of two sizes , as well as matching mounting flanges.

2 . the tool

The sensor or sensors are placed on the stamp pressure plate for stamp control or on the hold-down plate of the respective tool for deformation control.

Because of the very small space requirements of the piezo sensors, there is a suitable installation position in every tool. No matter whether it is a new tool or are retrofitting

3 . the control

smartCONTROL is always the first choice when it comes to the monitoring of punches in tools or the detection of the smallest deformation errors or injuries in material surfaces.

smartCONTROL visualizes, measures and controls all sensor signals. Any violation of specified target or limit values ​​is reported and logged.

smartCONTROL is quickly installed and ready to use in just a few simple steps.