Linear absolute encoders - Magnetostriction

Linear absolute position measuring systems for non-contact measurement

Linear absolute position measuring systems (magnetostriction) measure linear movements without contact and wear-free, even in aggressive media.

Pressure-resistant tubular housings made of stainless steel enable installation in hydraulic cylinders. We also offer linear encoders in a polypropylene housing for use in chemically aggressive media or for level measurement in the food processing and electroplating industries. Linear encoders in a profile housing can be mounted in many different machines and installations. Variants with and without guided magnet are available. This variant can even be integrated into surfaces, and consequently has no edges in which production waste can get caught. All systems are also available with multiple magnet scanning, i.e. the position of several magnets is acquired simultaneously.

And with cascadable linear absolute position sensors in a profile housing measuring lengths of up to 20m can even be achieved - for example for cutter adjustment in reel cutters or as wear-free vertical axes in high rack warehouses.

Three performance classes (Basic, Standard, Industrial) help fitting linear encoders economically into your application.