Voltage + fieldbus = positioning

Power supply and fieldbus connection – this is all that‘s required to implement actuating and positioning tasks in your system with encoTRive compact drives. The concept of gear motor with integrated positioning controller offers numerous advantages:

Advantages for the switch cabinet

_ No space consumption and no heat emission by the drive electronics

Simple wiring

_ No EMC-critical motor cables need to be laid
_ Thanks to the extra low voltage supply, all components and connections can be touched

Absolute position available at any time

_ No reference runs required
_ Reference initiators and associated wiring not necessary

Easy implementation of machine safety

_ STO (safe torque off) optionally integrated

Tailored to your application

_ Broad range of motor and gear variants
_ Wide power range from 50 to 600 watts
_ Assistance with selection and design by our drive specialists

Advantages for the application software

_ Control of different types identical within a fieldbus
_ Changeover or mixed operation between Profibus and Profinet possible with minimum effort
_ Example PLC projects available

Problem-free use overseas

_ Optionally available as a UL-Recognized Component

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