Rotary encoders incremental

Programmable, explosion proof, extremely robust and more

Incremental encoders are used in machines and plants in different resolutions. Due to simple technology, incremental encoders can be realized with less cost than absolute encoders. On the other hand, they detect position changes only and need power supply to detect movement.

Our universal encoder in 58 mm housing is available with a wide range of hardware determined resolutions and in a fully programmable execution. Beside this standard, we provide plenty of different sizes. By combining different shaft geometries (solid, blind and hollow shaft) with available flange types, you easily find the perfect fit encoder for the mechanics of your machine.

Safe detection of rotation speed, rotation direction or standstill is provided by safety certified incremental encoders by TR-Electronic. Certified for applications with demands up to SIL 3, they provide operation modes as SLS, SOS, SSR, SDI or SSM with suitable safety appliance.

Additionally, we provide several different housing options for ATEX surroundings, for heavy duty applications with high mechanical loads or in aggressive media.