The encoTRive drives with PROFINET use the same device profile PROFIdrive V3.0 as PROFIBUS DP. When migrating from PROFIBUS to PROFINET, the control logic and the PZD configuration remain the same. Logical programming adjustments do not occur. The range of PROFIBUS functions is fully integrated into PROFINET. PROFINET offers some additional functions. There is an alarm telegram in case of trouble when the cycle times are too low and there are more addressable nodes.

The projecting is carried out with the same tools used for PROFIBUS. Together with the identical program and processing logic, the change from PROFIBUS to PROFINET is solely a matter of the communication technology.


  • no bus termination necessary
  • address assignment via software
  • the protocol analysis can be done with freely available Ethernet tools (for example with Wireshark™)
  • the topology is simplified by star, lines, tree and ring structures as well as arbitrary hybrid forms


The drive version with PROFIBUS DP is based on the device profile PROFIdrive V3.0 and is assigned to application class 3 - position drive with  decentralized positioning control (single axis point-to-point). The device profile V3.0 allows free configuration of process data telegrams as an essential
enhancement to V2.0 with a fixed pre-defined telegram structure.

The appropriate communication profile is PROFIBUS DP VO /V1 with cyclic and acyclic data traffic. All common bit rates are accessible and get adjusted automatically based on a bus analysis. In the case a drive has a digital input, a hand-held device can be connected. Simple processing operations are possible without any bus connection. If the bus is in operation, the input is for connecting hardware limit switches, or together with digital output, they serve as logical I / O module at the PROFIBUS.


  • positioning and speed control
  • cyclic and acyclic communication according to PROFIBUS DP VO/V1
  • free configurable process data telegrams according to device profile PROFIdrive V3.0
  • voltage failure-safe update possibility

Function blocks for PROFIBUS and PROFINET

The available demo function blocks allow commissioning any drive type without having to know the parameter features and the telegram sequences.

The interfaces of the individual function blocks are identical for Profibus and Profinet.